Custom Fabric Dyeing by SpectrumFirm
Fabric Dyeing Recipe

Items 156 - 160 of 168
010 Sheets and Pillowcases
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton.

Original Color: Icicle Pantone 12-5201TP.
New Color: Deep Claret Pantone 19-1840TP.

009 Pants
Fabric Composition: 96% Cotton/ 4% Elastane.

Original Color: White.
New Color: Black.

008 Blouse
Fabric Composition: 98% Cotton/ 2% Lycra.

Original Color: White.
New Color: Coral Pantone 16-1539TP.

007 Two Piece Suit
Fabric Composition: 100% Rayon.

Original Color: Blue Flower Pantone 12-5403TP.
New Color: Arctic Pantone 17-4911TP.

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