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Spectrum Custom Fabric Dyeing is proudly owned and managed by Dafinka Marinova, a chemical engineer and colorist with extensive background in Technology of Chemical Fibers and Textile Finishing and over 30 years of experience in fabric dyeing in lab environment, industrial and small quantities. Dafinka employs a rigorous process driven methodology in all lab tests and is aided by special color matching software when engineering new colors, color recipes and fabric dyeing technologies.

Dafinka has held positions as Colorist, Dye Lab Manager, Dye House Manager and Dye House Technologist. She pioneered in operating DATACOLOR color recipe computer system for color monitoring and quality control. Dafinka's expertise includes evaluation of solids, textures, flannels, toweling, printed solids, printed textures and trims; checking color patterns in light box under three light sources and with X-Rite spectrophotometer; supervising quality in finish-dyeing departments.

Spectrum's manager also boasts a record in creating and implementing new technologies for dyeing, bleaching, and dry improvement of various types of knitwear and different composition fabrics: 100% cotton, 50% cotton and 50% polyamid, 70% cotton and 30% polyester or other combinations.

Her work history includes performing analysis of garments on weight and shrinkage; correcting indices to suit appropriate methods of drying, fluffing and ironing; checking colorfastness to washing in hot and cold water; computer processing of color samples and lab testing; training employees to dye and bleach knitwear; creating new and inexpensive methods for dyeing; developing new neon dyes.

Among business contacts are German, Swiss, Austrian and English companies: CLARIANT, BASF, ICI, DYSTAR and HENKEL.

Outside of the fabric dyeing profession, Dafinka enjoys travelling, reading and spending time with friends and her family. She has two sons, Martin and Alex, and is happy to support them in their new project - Tennis Round - which connects tennis players and helps find tennis courts anywhere in the United States.

Spectrum Custom Fabric Dyeing specializes in dyeing natural fibers: cotton, linen, hemp, wool, silk plus rayon, tencel, and their blends. We do NOT dye garments containing over 30% polyester and nylon. We do NOT dye fabrics containing 100% polyester, acetate or acrylic.

We dye dresses, including wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses, blouses, shirts, pants, jeans, slip covers, duvet covers, quilts, bed linens, towels, draperies, tablecloths, bedspreads, napkins, rugs, furniture covers, costumes, uniforms for school and work, college uniforms, team uniforms, laces, ribbons, exercise wear, yardage.

SPECTRUM Custom Fabric Dyeing also dyes fabrics and garments for special occasions: weddings, home coming dances, high school proms, sports events and contests.

SPECTRUM Custom Fabric Dyeing uses least toxic, finest quality reactive dyes: Clariant's Drimarene K, DyStar's Remazol and Levafix E. Such dyes ensure best colorfastness and permanent results even in hot water washing. We dye wool with Clariant's acid dyes Sandolan MF and Nylosan N.

Some garments experience shrinkage during the dyeing process. SPECTRUM Custom Fabric Dyeing controls shrinkage within acceptable norms - around 2-4%. Customers must be aware of possible shrinkage of the material, however small it may be.

SPECTRUM Custom Fabric Dyeing guarantees perfect colorfastness of all dyed garments and fabrics. Dyed garments will not bleed or change color when washed. Fabric dyeing turnaround time is 2-3 weeks for a Regular order and 4-6 days for an Express order, from the day the item is received.

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