Custom Fabric Dyeing by SpectrumFirm
Fabric Dyeing Recipe

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050 Jacket
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton.
Stitching-100% Polyester,which retains its original color.

Original Color: Hay-Pantone 12-0418TP.
New Color: Blue Nights-Pantone 19-4023TP.

049 Pants
Fabric Composition: 100% Linen.

Original Color: Dried Moss Pantone- 14-0626TP.
New Color: Dusky Green Blue-Pantone 18-5112TP.

048 Tablecloth and Napkins
Fabric Composition: 100% Cotton.

Original color: Candy Pink-Pantone 14-1911TP.
New color: Canyon Sunset-Pantone 15-1333TP. Buy dye recipe

047 Dress
Fabric Composition: 93%Silk/7%Spandex.

Original color: Seed Pearl-Pantone 12-0703TP.
New color: Brush-Pantone 16-1317TP. Buy dye recipe

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