Custom Fabric Dyeing by SpectrumFirm
Fabric Dyeing Recipe

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106 Cardigan
Fabric Composition: 100%Wool.

Original Color: Overcast-Pantone 14-0105TP.
New Color: Redwood-Pantone 18-1443TP. Buy dye recipe

105 Pants
Fabric Composition: 60%Tencel/40%Cotton.

Original Color:White.
New Color:Lily Green Pantone-13-0317TP.

104 'Staples' Jacket
Fabric Composition: 65%Cotton/30%Nylon/5%Spandex.

Original Color: Moon Mist-Pantone18-4105TP.
New Color: Cub-Pantone18-1016TP.

103 Chair Slipcovers
Fabric Composition: 20%Cotton/50%Rayon/30%Polyester.
(Polyester is on the inner side of the fabric and retains its original color).

Original Color: Whitecap Gray-Pantone12-0304TP.
New Color: Orange Rust-Pantone18-1447TP.

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