Custom Fabric Dyeing by SpectrumFirm
Fabric Dyeing Recipe

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114 Dress
Fabric Composition: 100%Silk.

Original Color: White.
New Color: Velvet Morning Pantone18-3927TP.

113 "J.Crew" Bridesmaids Dresses
Fabric Composition:100%Cotton.

Original Color: Rainy Day Pantone 13-5304TP.
New Color: Black Plum Pantone 18-1706TP.

112 Monique Lhullier Dress
Fabric Composition: 85%Silk/15%Lycra.

Original Color: Snow White Pantone 11-0602TP.
New Color: Ecru Drab Pantone 14-1212TP.

111 Two Piece Swim Suit
Fabric Composition: 85%Nylon/15%Spandex with polyester stitching.

Original Color: Sachet Pink Pantone 15-2216TP.
New Color: Insignia Blue Pantone 19-4028TP.

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