Custom Fabric Dyeing by SpectrumFirm
Fabric Dyeing Recipe

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122 Vest
Fabric Composition: 100%Natural Wool.

Original Color: Angora Pantone 12-0605TP.
New Color: Rose of Sharon Pantone 17-1635TP.

121 Pants
Fabric Composition: 100%Linen.

Original Color: Quarry Pantone 15-4305TP.
New Color: Peppercorn Pantone 18-1409TP.

120 Jeans
Fabric Composition: 98%Cotton/2%Spandex. Stitching-100%Polyester which retains its original color.

Original Color: White.
New Color: Burnt Henna Pantone 19-1540TP.

119 Duvet Cover
Fabric Composition: 100%Cotton.

Original Color: Stripes of Rabbit Pantone 19-3903TP and Black.
New Color: Solid Black.

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